256M29 SD008-6810-V3

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256M29 – 32 MByte (4x 8MB Banks)

Recommended 3.3V to erase/program.

You need change the solder bridge from the top left to the one a little bit lower (as shown).

Battery current consumption is 4uA, so a CR2032 will last about 5-6 years.

Originally purchased as a “22 in 1” Pokemon cart (yellow cartridge). It appears this cart may only support the MBC5/3 mapper as some MBC1 games have a corrupted title screen like Game & Watch Gallery and the original Zelda Link’s Awakening freezes when saving.

If using a Multi-game creator, you need to power cycle your flasher when writing to a different 8MB Bank. Also make sure you place all rom files and menu file in the same folder. You can download the Multi-game creator here as the original site removed the link.

Notes on the Multi-game creator by the user -DC-Tschisomat:

1. The Roms are not allowed to have more than 16 characters.

2. Only letters and numbers are displayed correctly in the menu.

3. Saving is possible for a maximum of 16 games

4. Only a maximum of 108 games may be written to the flash card, otherwise you will get a graphic error in the menu.

5. Every time you press Generate Compilation the Menu.gb file will be changed. So if you want to create a new MultiCard file you have to replace a fresh Menu.gb from downloaded Zip with the old one. Otherwise graphic error in the menu.

PCB Text: SD008-6810-V3