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Game Boy Advance IPS Kit ('One Chip' 'TV Version')

v1 - May 2021 release

Link cable works sometimes.

Wireless adapter seems to be detected but doesn't actually link to another adapter properly.

AV out might only work on NSTC TVs.

23 May 2021

• The wireless adapter even though it boots and appears to work, it doesn't seem to recognise another player in Pokemon Emerald:

• The link cable appears to work sometimes: but sometimes it doesn't:

22 May 2021

• The reported issue with the link cable was not accurate. The link cable is confirmed to work

21 May 2021

It has been reported that the link cable doesn't work:

13 May 2021

• The AV out might only work with NTSC TVs:

The wireless adapter has been confirmed to work:

v2 - Announced

23 May 2021

• The kit is believed to be the same as v1 except that the video out wiring and cable will be different. You will need to connect the video out to pin 1 (VCC) instead of pin 3, some additional components may have to be removed from the GBA board. This means that accessories that require power won't work: